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Sway Bar-Front All X-Cellerators

Part number: Z-XTM149172 XTM Racing Z-XTM149172 Sway Bar-Front    All X-Cellerators
By: XTM Racing
Price: 7.15
Stock: No longer available from Podium RC No longer available from Podium RC
Please see support for more details on Stock levels

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XTM Racing Full List

XTM Racing Z-XTM149158 Shock Spring Retainer(Pk4)All X-Cel
Z-XTM149158 3.5
Shock Spring Retainer(Pk4)All X-Cel
XTM Racing P-XTM3861 Electronic Speed Cont. (F/B/R) Rage
P-XTM3861 30.75
Electronic Speed Cont. (F/B/R) Rage
XTM Racing Z-XTM149797 12T/17T BB Clutch Bell      MST/MMT
Z-XTM149797 32.75
12T/17T BB Clutch Bell MST/MMT
XTM Racing Z-XTM149319 Body Clip(27mm/Pk10)MST/MMT/XT2/XST
Z-XTM149319 2.99
Body Clip(27mm/Pk10)MST/MMT/XT2/XST
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