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THE Car Pro Kit

Part number: JQB477 JQ JQB477 THE Car Pro Kit
By: JQ Products
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1/8 Off Road Buggy Kit with Upgrades THE car is the ultimate pro-level 1/8 off road buggy designed, tested and developed by Joseph Quagraine, the owner of Finnish based JQ Products. This alone sets it apart from just about all of its mass-produced and sometimes copy-cat designed competitors from around the world.

However, what is perhaps even more extraordinary is that JQ has developed THE car to be as capable of winning at any level of competition.That may seem like and obvious statement, but let us explain more. For whilst it certainly delivers everything that a world class driver will demand in terms of agility, balance, steering, general handling and overall performance, it is also very user-friendly and easy to drive for the less experienced racer. This again is a very rare quality in a pro-level competition car which can otherwise (and quite often will) represent a bit of a compromise. Either the ultimate performance capability may be a little blunt edged, or at the other extreme some cars may be quick in the right hands but for the majority of drivers are just too nervous or edgy.

With THE car, you enjoy the best of both worlds. It's super-quick AND easy to drive! What's more it is precision engineered from quality alloys and composites and we see to it that all owners of THE car will be well supported trackside at National, Regional and Club level racing. And all of that is backed up by our commitment to hold ex-stock availability on all spares and parts.

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